фото: ten rings swapped in on 1982 Bridgestone

Michael Neubert • 21-07-2019  

Описание: Originally this 1982 bike frame was sold with a six ring set in the back, and the width of the dropouts was 127 mm. I did not want to use a "period correct" wheel so I purchased a set of new wheels and forced the 130 mm modern wheel into the dropouts. It was not particularly difficult and after a while it was no more difficult to get the wheel in and out of the dropouts than if it had been manufactured for 130 mm wheels. Whether this is a sensible approach or not, yeah I don't know. This bike frame was built to use downtube shifters. I purchased a used set on eBay that allowed either indexed or friction shifting for 7 rings in the back. I purchased and used a 7 ring set purchased new intended for inexpensive mountain bikes (I guess) and then over the years gone through several chains etc and finally decided to reuse some 10 speed components I had from some other bike rather than continuing with 7. I was thinking using friction shifting (since the indexing available no longer matches up) for 10 rings would be fussy but it seems even less so than the 7 ring shifting was. So yay. I am not a bike maintenance fetishist, let's say. I have ridden this bike, which I have had as my primary commuter bike since spring 2011, more than 20,000 miles. One of the pleasures of having a bike like this is to change (if only slightly) how I use it from time to time. Yeah.


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