фото: Soviet Movie Theater in Trailer

Michael Neubert • 29-08-2013  

Описание: Moscow Summer of 1976 At the moment (in 2018) this is the most viewed photograph in my Flickr account that is one I took. Oddly, I have no recollection of taking this photograph, but I did make a brief visit to Moscow where apparently I took this. Other than that it was in Moscow (which would have been noted on the slide frame, and not from memory) I have no idea where this was in Moscow. I had a basic Pentax 35 mm camera and did not have any kind of telephoto lens, so this was taken not very far away. Apparently I would just wait until it seemed no one was looking my way and shoot. For a (obvious) foreigner to be taking a photo of a scene like this would not be received with much pleasure.


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