фото: breakfast in Warsaw

marktristan • 01-12-2007  

Описание: After many delaying factors, I'm finally getting round to posting these pictures from my Ukraine visit in November/December 2007! Let's start with a rather unexpected breakfast in Warsaw. It only took a 40-minute technical holdup with the LOT aircraft at Heathrow Airport to put my whole travel schedule out of joint. All the other passengers could still make their onward connections in Warsaw, but not the 3 of us bound for Odessa. We were put in a hotel to wait for the next day's departure. I was so disappointed, particularly as I had arranged a visit to the Orphanage the following morning, and I was only scheduled to spend 36 hours in Odessa anyway... here goes 24 of them at a hotel in Warsaw. I've nothing against Warsaw but it wasn't where I hoped to spend any of my trip. The other two passengers has similar situations so the adversity made companions of us. But there were blessings in it too, since the stopover did give me the chance of *) a good sleep, *) a long leisurely bath, *) and breakfast .... haha! - when the chap knocked on the door at 8am with breakfast, I was just staggered. Is this the breakfast for 2 people? Or perhaps it's normal in Warsaw to be treated like a king? :) I was really grateful anyway; the only regret being that I had less than half an hour to sit back and enjoy it!


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