фото: it might just look like a load of bags, but..

marktristan • 01-12-2007  

Описание: ...it's actually gifts for the children of Orphanage No.7. So the lady in charge agreed that I could leave the presents. She didn't want me giving anything out there & then; so we agreed that we'd take it all down to the director's office, where he could decide on Monday what to do. Well, Olga told me by phone a few days later that he would be giving them out as Christmas presents, so it all worked out well in the end :). Hey by the way, doesn't the photo make it look unlikely how much stuff just emerged from my rucksack? The gifts have been separated into two big bags -- blue bag for girls' gifts, green bag for boys -- and all of it just got unpacked from the rucksack on the right (which also has a tiny amount of luggage still left in it for the rest of my trip:)


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