фото: В ресторане

marktristan • 01-12-2007  

Описание: Henrik & Olga, me, Andreas, Caroline, chilling out in Odessa that evening. We left the orphanage in early evening & needed to find an eating-place where we could meet up with Larisa in the city. I was told my first choice "Kumanets" (Ukrainian) would be all booked up on Saturday night. So we headed for "Don Quixote", a tapas restaurant that my team had stumbled upon months before. The trick is not to take "tapas" too literally: rather than Spanish-style appetizer portions, the plates are huge. (This time, I didn't repeat my error of ordering 3 dishes each :). There is a strong Swedish contingent in Odessa Vineyard! Andreas, Caroline, both moved from Sweden to help plant the church. I met them on the previous visit and they each give a very good welcome to their adopted city. I was sad that I'd ended up with less than 24hrs to spend in Odessa because, as well as wanting to spend longer at the orphanage, I simply enjoy being with these people. But the day was good & full, and it was a great relaxed evening for a reunion, over Spanish food and Georgian wine, talking about life and church and all our Ukrainian joys and challenges.


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