marktristan • 07-12-2007  

Описание: I travelled overnight by rail from Odessa. I'd told my friends not to worry about my arrival because I'd be coming in early and would find my way from the station to the boat in no hurry on Sunday morning. Haha, well in hindsight I should have just mentioned my arrival time! - because I underestimated their hospitality: my friends were there waiting for me with breakfast ready :-o... I forgot how awesome it is to be a guest in Ukraine. This photo is actually taken a few days later. The day I arrived it was snowing, but I didn't borrow a camera until later, and I then neglected to get any pictures of Kyiv in the snow because I didn't realise it would thaw within a couple of days. How disappointing! Oh by the way, since I'd been looking forward to some freezing winter weather, I'd borrowed a thick black coat; but as I went through the city with my bags to carry, I actually got too hot just walking along. So I took the coat off and carried it too. This is another thing I should have thought twice about, and realised that this would make my Ukrainian hosts think I really am the kind of crazy foreigner who will let myself die of cold out there in the street!


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