фото: Easy6

marktristan • 03-11-2006  

Описание: ...(contd) and one of the car park security guards came up after about an hour, thinking he might need to talk me out of jumping over the edge. After he had reassured himself that I was in a non-suicidal state of mind, we talked about Bristol and his life in the city and how the sunrise that morning was one of the most stunning he'd seen. In the pic: the demolition in the foreground is of the Bristol & West tower, being slowly removed from the city centre so that some mixed business/leisure development can take its place. The guard told me this demolition was delayed 3 months whilst construction workers were called to finish the new, much-postponed Wembley Stadium in London. Back on the rooftop, shortly after that, a nightclub owner was the first person to park on the top deck. He came over to me, also to take in the view, and we stayed there and chatted for almost half an hour. I realised that this was a unique kind of 'appointment' as I got to share with him bits of our life stories and all about the Jesus he could begin to get to know... It was a good way to spend the morning of my easy day.


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