фото: vasilikov

marktristan • 26-04-2007  

Описание: Our team had a free afternoon and were invited to join up with YWAM Key Of Hope on a visit to an orphan "graduate school" Vasilikov, outside the city. Key Of Hope is a group helping graduating orphans. (i.e., kids who have to leave orphanage at age 16, who don't have good prospects in Ukrainian society). This school Vasilikov was a new place for the YWAM team to visit, so they were just meeting and building trust with the kids there by playing sport with them on their Thursday afternoon free time. So we joined them in a huge game of Capture The Flag! Included in the group are "Jon'fen" and Chris, from Hull Vineyard, who were also visiting Ukraine and wanted to join in with this trip to find out more about orphans. The girl with the sunglasses is Karilynn from the YWAM team; she was a good friend to us in Kyiv, helping us with language & interpreting... she's also a very full-on competitor at sports and Capture The Flag!


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