Опубликовано 30 янв 2019

Detsl aka Le Truk - Fibonacci (David Bintsene & Vitya Isaev propduction)


Detsl aka Le Truk - Fibonacci © 2018 Production by David Bintsene & Vitya Isaev Follow me: http://www.facebook.com/russianrastamafia
Fibonacci Bitch get mad, then she upset, Trying to regret, all the things she said. Eyes are wet, look who's that, Trying to control, the way I make my bread. Hit me ones, hit me twice, But, don't cry when I throw my dice. It's not nice, when you cold as ice. Bitch, you ruining my paradise. Ima kill the beast, it will rest in peace, Than, I'll pray to god, down on my knees. I will get relief, get back my wings, Next level, new harmony's. Fight back, I don't like that. Don't try to get me off the track. I'm a man, respect my plan. Got to be strong, got to understand.. Traveling in space, in a big ball. You got to be strong, got to hold on. Respect your life, respect home, Look around you baby, you're not alone. This is all about love, This is all about hate, This is all about keys, This is all about gates. This is what we destroy, This is what we create, This is all about future, We making today. It's been a long time, I've should've left you, But I met you I've kept you. Life is short, many pictures captured, It's adventure, if you stay true. Ups and downs, that's how it goes, Let it go, see how it flows. Relations get exposed, Strike a pause, before breaking jaws. I've never hated, you are all I have. When you scream, I hold my breath. When you are happy, I do my best. Love is hard, like a game of chess. So, just give me a reason, To stay with you, one more season. Stop talking, just listen, My music, your wisdom. Альбом «Не важно кто там у руля!» записан на студии «D Gray» в Санкт Петербурге, процессом записи, сведением и мастерингом руководил Роман Уразов. Монтаж - EMFN StUDIOS